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Afternoon Tea at St. Ermin’s Hotel, London

By Emma McNamee – 6th July 2021
ternoon Tea at St. Ermin's

What I loved about Afternoon Tea at St. Ermin’s Hotel

My new favourite place for Afternoon Tea in London – St. Ermin’s hotel by St. James Park.   Truth be known, I loved this place for afternoon tea before we’d even sampled the food!


For starters, you can take your afternoon tea anytime from 12-5pm, so if you’d like it over a proper lunchtime as do I, you can do just that.


Secondly, weather permitting you have the option of indoor tea in their opulent tea lounge, or outdoor tea on their first floor terrace.  If it’s warm enough and dry, I would personally always go for an alfresco dining experience, so thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside in the fresh air overlooking the hotel’s courtyard and the stunning Victorian building in which St. Ermin’s hotel is located.


And, most importantly for me, there was a gluten-free option.  Without compromise.  In some eating establishments I find the gluten-free alternatives disappointing.   Not here.  In fact, far from it.  I had the same culinary delights served up, just as a gluten-free version of the same and equally stunning looking and delicious.  From the ham hock croquette to the red pepper and goat’s cheese quiche, the lemon meringue pie to the scones, there was certainly no element of compromise going gluten-free.


Worth paying a babysitter?

The choice is yours… this is the perfect hotel or afternoon tea to enjoy with friends, your other half, or the whole family.  In fact, they even do a ‘Mini Gardener Tea’ for kids, so if you fancy bringing the children with you too they cater well for young and old.


What to expect from Afternoon Tea at St. Ermin’s:

Excellent service, a home-away-from-home ambience in rather lush surroundings, and truly divine food.


Value for money: 10/10

At £34/person for a full afternoon tea, or £39/person if you’d like to add a glass of champagne in to the mix, this is incredibly reasonable for an afternoon tea of this incredible calibre in such a lovely London hotel.

£18/child for the mini gardener tea.

Afternoon Tea at St. Ermin’s – it’s all in the detail

So I was already off to a good start with my afternoon tea at St. Ermin’s before I started to indulge.


The next thing very apparent that I loved about the afternoon tea there was the portion sizes.  It’s definitely about quality over quantity, which suits me to a T as I don’t like carb overloads or coming away feeling bloated, which can sometimes be the case with an afternoon tea.  But there was one of everything for each of us, all in relative mini form – one sandwich, one quiche, one choux bun and other savouries, and then several individual delicate cakes and sweet treats.  All beautifully presented, intricately prepared, relatively light in texture and with exquisite flavour combinations.  We’re talking mojito-lime mousse and apple crumble macaron level of flavour.   A true treat for the taste palette.


At the beginning of our afternoon tea, we were given the option of having scones with the rest of the tea, or served up warm at the end.  The thought of freshly cooked scones had me, and we saved those for the end to enjoy with our flavoured teas, enjoying a glass of champagne with the rest of our afternoon tea.  Because…well, why not?!


And then there was the tea, and what a choice!  My husband enjoyed a fruity hibiscus based tea and I went for a tea with vanilla overtones.  These were served in their individual tea pots complete with a ‘perfect tea timer’ to help you decide when to remove your tea bags for the perfect cup of tea to your preferred strength.


The service throughout was friendly and impeccable.  In fact, attention to detail is paramount throughout this hotel and afternoon tea at St. Ermin’s was no exception.   From the tea bag timer to the freshly baked scones at the end, this was an unforgettable afternoon tea experience.


For more information on Afternoon Tea at St. Ermin’s visit:



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Emma xoxo


This is a Girl About review. I was invited by the management to dine at their restaurant free of charge in exchange for an honest and frank review. All my opinions are my own and in no way have they been swayed by their kind invite. Girl About reviews are always 100% honest. We only publish reviews that, for the most part, are positive.

Emma McNamee
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