RECOMMENDATION | An Aerial Yoga Class – Week 1

1st May 2019

Arial Yoga

Week 1

I have had some bright ideas in my time, unfortunately, I am the sort of person that if someone says do you want to do something I will probably say yes, regardless of what it is.  I have been seeing lots of posts on social media about an aerial yoga class that has been running in the area and one night (and one bottle of wine down), my cousin and I decided it would be a great idea to give it a go.

For those not familiar, aerial yoga is “normal” yoga but with the use of an aerial silk or hammock. Imagine something off Britains Got Talent and you’re nearly there.  And so somehow I found myself signed up to a 5week beginner’s aerial yoga course. A few days prior I started to feel quite sick and all I could envisage was that it would be similar to a documentary about a 30 stone woman being hoisted out of bed.

My cousin said  “I hope it isn’t too meditatey.” And I thought, ‘I hope it bloody is.’

So, week 1 and six of us were nervously gathered with various lengths of fabric suspended from the ceiling. The instructor put us all at ease immediately and assured us the ceiling was load tested to 5 tonnes. It was the Tuesday after Easter weekend though so I thought it may be touch and go. The instructor then told us she had to give us some information that may make us want to go home; we may feel sick, we may feel dizzy, we may end up bruised (not just our egos) but also we would really enjoy it. I wasn’t convinced.

The instructor started with a few warm-up exercises and then instructed our first proper exercise,  which involved bending backwards on the fabric and sticking our legs in the air. Well those that could stick their legs in the air did, I personally felt like my legs were superglued to the floor. But then suddenly, miracle of miracles I managed it. Felt completely unnatural to be hanging upside down but I was quite chuffed I had done it.

Next was downward dog over the hammock and lift your legs in the air, again took some doing but I eventually managed it and we progressed through another 3 or 4 positions. In all honesty, the hour flew and I enjoyed it although I did feel a little bit like I was going to collapse by the end.

The next morning though….the agony, oh the agony. As promised I had bruises on my back from the fabric. The second day was even worse, I have never had a cesarean section but I imagine it was a similar pain, my stomach muscles were shot and I had to roll out of bed onto the floor rather than sit up. I am writing this on day 3 and starting to feel a bit less like I have been in a horrific accident. Stay tuned for week 2.


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