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Honest local reviews and recommendations, travel ideas, knowledge, inspiration and resources to help and inspire women to create memories for them and their loved ones.

Ready to create amazing memories, Ladies


So much more than a travel and lifestyle brand, Girl About is a memory-making brand built on women’s experiences, advice, knowledge and recommendations. Above all, we aspire to help women create amazing memories for themselves and their families.


We are Girl About – a nationwide collective headed up by global travel industry experts and made of up women engaging their local communities across the UK with travel ideas, knowledge, inspiration, recommendations and resources.


Friendship, support and community are at the heart of it – the Girl About Blog Squad is the beating heart of Girl About.


Our Ambassadors across the country – the official Girl About in their city – champion all the great places to make amazing memories in their neck of the woods. Independent businesses for the most part – the cool, the quirky, the downright amazing:


  • The best boutique hotels, historic inns, and luxury pubs with rooms.
  • Restaurants that provide ambience and experience. Exquisite dishes, theatre, amazing tasting menus and maybe a Michelin Star.
  • The ‘Can’t-miss’ places to visit with loved ones when visiting their city/county
  • Afternoon Teas that are outside the box and filled with themes and theatre.
  • Spas that go above and beyond with the very best treatments and the most serene surroundings.
  • And quirky experiences from glamping to sheep-shearing and everything in-between.


Meanwhile, Girl About Travel, headed up by ex-Telegraph Travel journalist Rebecca Miles, will inspire you with purposeful travel content that focuses on off-the-beaten-track family travel. She’ll give you the inspiration and confidence to plan, book & enjoy unforgettable holidays and create amazing memories with your faves.


And with us behind the scenes are Helen Higgins and Sarah Pearson-Wood, both using their expertise to keep us focused, make sure we’re working smart, and help drive Girl About to be the best it can be.


Between us, we have so much experience, so many skills and plenty of local knowledge at our fingertips. This is our superpower.

Girl About About

A message from Lyndsey – Girl About’s Founder

Girl About Lyndsey

The Girl About Brand evolved from my personal blog – Girl About Yorkshire – in March 2019.


In 2016 I returned back to my home county of Yorkshire after 17 years living in London, where I’d honed my career in the global tourism industry and started writing about my experiences across Yorkshire and sharing them with a growing audience.


I didn’t go to university. I wasn’t particularly intelligent. I didn’t have particularly supportive parents. And I probably wasn’t destined for a great deal when I dropped out of school at 16.


But I got a  lucky break at 18, moved to London, and landed an admin job in a start-up travel company. I aggressively climbed the ladder – against the odds some would say – to a successful career in tourism marketing. I’ve worked on behalf of major tourism brands to include ILoveNY, Hawaii Tourism, Kennedy Space Center and Destination Canada and travelled all over North America for work.


I’ve travelled to 70 of the world’s countries. I’ve backpacked around the world with my Hubby. Travel is in my blood. I would rather take my family on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday than replace my car or sofa. I’d rather go on a weekend away with my friends than buy a new handbag. And I’d rather eat in a Michelin Star restaurant with my husband than purchase more ‘stuff’ for my house.


My strength throughout my career has been my creativity, tenacity, integrity and my drive to do things differently and to create impact.


I love to write, I love to take photos, and I love using social media to share our adventures and experiences as a family.


For me blogging has never been a vanity project – it’s not something I do to fuel my ego – it’s something I do because I want to share the many experiences and adventures that my family and I have been lucky enough to embark on.


My extensive experience in digital marketing, graphic design, web development and campaign management combined with the fact I run a business means that the Girl About brand has the fundamental business foundations needed to be so much more than just a personal blog.


I’ve invested 18 months of blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of my own cash into getting Girl About to where it is today. But I couldn’t have done any of it without the Girl About Blog Squad.


The commitment from the girls within our community to create and share honest, well-written, engaging content has been, and will always be the cornerstone of our brand.


I’m so excited to have them on this journey. The next 12 months are going to be awesome, as together we develop and grow this brand into a nationally recognised and well-respected platform.


With our new website, and investment into digital marketing, database building, social media, public relations and editorial travel content – Girl About is the future of travel and experience-driven brands and Girl About’s Ambassadors – AKA The Blog Squad are a big part of making this happen.


Our brand is the people’s brand, and as a reader, your opinions, ideas, recommendations and knowledge on where best to head to make amazing memories counts, so if you would like to contribute towards Girl About, please email me: Lyndsey@girlabout.co.uk.



Lyndsey x