I’m Lyndsey, and in April 2016 I launched my blog – Girl About Yorkshire. My plan for Girl About Yorkshire was to create a website that featured the best places to eat, drink and sleep in Yorkshire based on my own experiences and my rather high expectations.



With a background in tourism marketing, a lot of copywriting experience, a ‘tell it how it is’ attitude and a few demons to deal with, it seemed like the right thing to do to start a blog. An outlet to write about my encounters, experiences and also my inner thoughts and feelings on everything from motherhood highs and lows to suffering from anxiety and depression.

I never expected it to be such a hit. Really I didn’t.

In just three years Girl About Yorkshire had amassed 22,000 Facebook followers, 6,000 email subscribers and 250,000 people had visited the website. In the blogging world, this is pretty impressive, even though I say so myself.

It seems that women can relate to my life yarns and vulnerability. I’m regularly applauded for my honesty and humour – both of which underpin my life stories and reviews.

I’ve tried my best to use my profile with purpose – I’ve given lectures on personal branding at Leeds Beckitt University, featured as a spokesperson for mental health awareness on radio and TV and appeared in regional and national press sharing my story.

As my profile started to grow it got me thinking about my mission…

  • What I If I Were To Turn Little ‘Me’ Into A Great Big ‘We?’
  • Could I provide an opportunity for other mums to build a profile of their own?
  • Open up opportunities to them and give them a voice and a ready-made audience?
  • Could Girl About Yorkshire become ‘Girl About’ every popular town and city in the UK?

Likeminded ladies sharing their stories and exploring, reviewing and recommending places on their patch. All brought together to inspire a wider audience of women just like me.

And pretty much overnight I had created a blog squad.






The Girl About Blog Squad is a collective of female bloggers across the UK. One platform made up of lots of localised personal blogs from ladies in the know.

Each blogger has their own personal patch – they are the official Girl About their own little corner of the UK. Their mission is to provide Girl About readers with their recommendations and honest and frank reviews on places to eat, sleep, drink, relax & unwind and have fun in their neck of the woods – with or without the kids.

The Blog Squad and Girl About readers are largely made up woman in their 30s and 40s – multi-tasking fiery females with a lust for life and a level of expectation that comes with being a modern mum, friend, career woman with responsibilities, commitments and a serious lack of free time – Girl About provides proper honest, down-to-earth, easy to digest and well-written content.

Many of our bloggers contribute real-life stories, family holiday inspiration, recipe ideas, book reviews and career advice to Girl About and mental health and wellbeing underpins all that Girl About stands for. Girl About is a platform to share, support, help, inform and inspire – from a place of trust and honesty.

#SelfCareSundays and #MentalMondays are about sharing our stories, offering advice and giving our readers a platform to tell their tales.

Our readers regularly tell us that it’s the quality of our content and conversation that makes them come back for more and this feedback and support is what a drives me to build the Girl About the brand and our own recognised and respected space online.

Meet my Blog Squad girls HERE.

And then why not have a little rummage around the website – I’d love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see more of on Girl About.

Happy browsing girls!


Lyndsey X

Girl About Founder

PS – you can read more about me HERE



Our mission is to create a platform where woman across the UK can represent their own town or city on a national level and tell their stories to a country-wide audience  – lots of local blogs making up one giant platform of reviews, recommendations, recipes and real-life stories.  It’s to create an online space where readers can find honest and candid reviews, and relevant and relatable content both locally and nationally.



Girl About is a unique, personal online space for females to share and shine with the reach and support of a much bigger online organisation.

  • We put talented wannabe female writers where they should be – in front of an already engaged online audience.
  • We put brands who align with our core values in front of an active audience of women of an age where value, quality and ethics rule.
  • We create authentic content – different tones, varying voices and diverse opinions with the common thread of honesty and integrity.



Could you be the Girl About in your town or city?

Being part of the Girl About Blog Squad means so much more than just contributing to our website. Our writers get access to the Girl About Academy online with monthly live training sessions focusing on creating a personal brand online delivered by Girl About’s Content Creating Expert – Caroline Towers. We also have regional meet-ups and an annual Blog Squad Retreat.

Perhaps most importantly, we offer a support network for females across the UK.

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