A QUICK ROUND UP – 5 must-have items when travelling with a toddler

30th August 2019

Travelling with a toddler

We first travelled with Evelyn at 11 weeks old to Greece and since then we’ve been on numerous galavants up and down the Med.

This summer we took her to Olu Deniz in Turkey for 11 nights. It was so different from last year. Evelyn’s no longer a baby and loved playing and splashing. We definitely have a water baby on our hands.

I always find it handy to read what other people found useful on holiday so I thought I’d do a quick round-up of the things that we have loved and couldn’t have done without.




A paddling pool

We bought this over here in the local supermarket for less than £4.50 and it’s been a god send. It’s meant that Evelyn could sit in here in her swim nappy in the shade with her toys and I’m not fretting over sun protection. We also bought her one of these little boats which has been fab too. She could roam free and practice her walking in the baby pool too which has given her such a sense of independence.

tip for travelling abroad with babies



Diono Pram Shade

We originally bought a parasol to bring out with us but my mum and dad came out early and spotted one of these pram shades that they thought were really good. Thank god for Amazon prime! It’s been a life saver. You can fit it across the pram which gives full cover or lengthways for when baby is sleeping to protect from the sun and any insects! A definite must have. We did also buy the same pram fan from Aldi to keep Evelyn cool whilst sleeping but with it being foam Evelyn thought it was a game this year and the blades had been pulled off within the first 5 minutes so we’d definitely look for a plastic one next time which I know you can get on eBay or Amazon.



We have the egg quail pram at home and love it. It folds down small enough to fit on as hand luggage too on a plane but the only downside is that it doesn’t sit up straight enough (like an L) and for nosey babies like Evelyn- that doesn’t bode well! So we bought a cheap £40 buggy from Aldi to try out. It’s a Hauck one and it’s amazing. It sits up very straight which Evelyn has loved and it’s really light and compact. Again the only downside is that the steering is a little stiff but for £40 it’s a bargain!

tip for travelling abroad with babies


Full-length costume

I stupidly bought so many beautiful little costumes for Evelyn to wear and she’s worn one. The majority of the time if she’s in the water she’s either in her swim nappy in the paddling pool or in her full-length costume and hat in the pool. Next time I’d definitely just buy more full-length ones so that we always have a spare!

tip for travelling abroad with babies



Tropic sun cream

I can’t comment on any other sun creams as this is the only one we’ve used on Evelyn but it’s been great. It’s more expensive but it’s all natural for her skin so definitely something we’ll buy again.

tip for travelling abroad with babies


One other thing that I’ve gotten wrong again this year is the number of clothes we have brought with us for Evelyn. Last year she was so small that we ended up dressing her for bed before we went out. This year she has been wearing little outfits at night time but in the day she’s always just in a vest or little playsuit. I got all Evelyn’s vests from Morrison’s and H&M and wish I’d have bought more!


tip for travelling abroad with babies


tip for travelling abroad with babies


We also did the Boots airport trick of ordering all toiletries, nappies, baby snacks etc to the Boots store on the other side of security in Manchester airport. That meant that none of our luggage allowance or space was taken up with bulky nappies, sun creams or toiletries!

Win win!


tip for travelling abroad with babies

The heat in Turkey was above 45 degrees some days and Evelyn coped amazingly. She was happy enough in herself and loved playing with all the other children! The hotel we stayed at was the Liberty in Olu Deniz and I would highly recommend. It had everything we needed including a gym and a kids play area!

I hope you’ve found this post useful!

Kate x



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