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48hrs in Sheffield by Girl About Sheffield

By Vicky Jones – 10th February 2020
Keelham Island street art feature

A Weekend in Sheffield:

Sheffield, the City of Steel! Famous for Jarvis Cocker, Jessica Ennis-Hill, its seven hills and everyone being called duck. And if you’ve not heard of Henderson’s Relish, then Google it RIGHT NOW!

Being one of the largest cities in the UK, Sheffield might not be an obvious location for a UK city break. It doesn’t offer what you might expect in terms of retail, with a fancy high street and lots of glam designer shops, but this summarises Sheffield perfectly. The city is low-key, humble with a relaxed and friendly vibe, but without a doubt exciting and infectious at the same time. And what it lacks for in big brands it trumps with its independents. Filled with amazing little places offering their take on life, my 48 hours in Sheffield is rammed with food and drink outlets that you might not discover on your own, a bit of culture and a good jaunt in the outdoors.

So when you next have an opportunity for a weekend away in the UK, try something a little different, think outside the box and come to Sheffield. #Sheffieldissuper

Saturday Morning in Sheffield:

Saturdays’ adventure starts in town. The city centre isn’t as vast as you would expect for such a large city, but it is definitely a place where absolute gems can be easily missed. But fear not, I will make sure you know about the best of them. ????

My favourite brunch stop is Tamper at Sellers Wheel. A relaxed and trendy Kiwi-inspired café which serves really good coffee, and I am yet to eat a dish that doesn’t make me wiggle in my seat. You wouldn’t naturally walk past the 19th century former silversmiths, but make the detour and don’t be deterred by the queue, it is worth the wait.

Something I love about Sheffield is the quality and quantity of street art around the city. It visually highlights the creative talent of the city and when you’ve finished at Tamper there are some great pieces to check out in this part of town. The impressive Now Then illusion (Howard Street), Jo Peel’s city landscape (Howard Street), and Birds by Faunagraphic (Charles Street) are all worth the tiny walk to see before moving onto the stunning Winter Gardens.

Hands down my favourite part of Sheffield, the Winter Garden’s arched glulam beams and glass roof filled to the top with tropical trees and plants is a truly calming and enjoyable place to go in the heart of the city. One of the largest temperate glasshouses to be built in the UK, it is perfect for small children to run freely and for general hanging-out. If you are lucky enough to come when it is hot, pack the kids swim togs to run through the fountains in the Peace Gardens next door. The public realm in Sheffield definitely kicks-ass on other cities, and contributes to the social and laid-back vibe. Make sure you embrace it whilst visiting.


Saturday Lunchtime in Sheffield:

If you need a lunchtime fill, don’t think any further than going to Kommune. A Scandi inspired food-hall in the city centre hosts some of the best independent kitchens and brewers in the city. It’s easy, flexible, sociable, fun and most importantly tasty. There is Indian, Middle East, Mediterranean, Mexican, Korean, American and good-old British to say a few.

There is something literally for everyone and all appetites, so even if you are looking for something light, the Depot Bakery can give you one of the best cake/pastry fixes in town.


Saturday Afternoon in Sheffield:

When it’s time to check into your hotel, my personal choice for the city centre is the Leopold. Set within the vibrant Leopold Square filled with bars and restaurants, it’s the perfect location for a town retreat and their two-story suites add something a little extra compared to your bog-standard four walls.

It wasn’t that long ago that The Moor was a dump. There is no sugar-coating what used to be a pretty embarrassing part of town. But now after some extensive investment, it’s become a more vibrant part of town, and actually the best place for high street retail.

In true Sheffield style, tucked down a side street is Lane 7, a boutique bowling alley. This is not like an alley you will have been to before, as beyond bowling there is also ping pong, beer pong, pool, batting cages and darts and a bar serving up decent drinks, so kick-back and enjoy a bit of fun before a refresh and recharge at your hotel.


Saturday Evening in Sheffield:

There is only one place to start an evening in Sheffield, and that is Public.

A stone throw from the Leopold Hotel, it is quite possibly the coolest and most discrete bar in town. I guarantee you will struggle to find it, even with your sat-nav and beady eye. Located in the old public toilets to Town Hall, legally there are no signs allowed on the street, so look out for steps leading down by the side of Town Hall, into a little cove of cocktail treasures. When the bar is full, it is full. You won’t see queues at the bar (there physically isn’t space) and the cocktails are curated with much attention and love.

I don’t think any weekend in Sheffield would be complete without a trip to Kelham Island. Once a thriving industrial Sheffield district, housing lots of the city’s cutlery and steelworks, its recent regeneration and new housing has transformed the area and has led to Kelham Island often being dubbed “the Shorditch of the North”. It’s easy to feel like you are missing out on ‘the next big thing’ as the area is a network of small streets and old factories, where you turn corners to find independent producers offering innovative places to eat and drink. Its urban, vibrant and adds adventure to a night out in the area.

My all-time favourite food experience in Sheffield sits in a shipping container in Kelham Island and my blog was the reason I got the space on the Girl About Blog Squad. Jöro.

Look it up and book it well in advance. It has to be on the brink of a Michelin star. The tasting menu will be a little bit of indulgence in an otherwise fairly modest city.

But if fine-dining doesn’t take your fancy, Domo is a fantastic Sardinian restaurant in Kelham Island. Like most things in the vicinity, you will not stumble across it, but if you want authentic food in a great social environment, it’s definitely worth going. My blog shows how much love I have for Domo and their tiramisu!

If ale is your thing, then Kelham Island is a must-go place when visiting Sheffield. With the Fat Cat, Kelham Island Tavern and The Gardeners Rest, well known for their local ales and traditional pubs, you will be treated to pints half the price you will find in town with a heap more personality. But if you fancy going somewhere a little more hip, then The Old Workshop, Saw Grinders Union, Pina and The Bar Stewards are all places to consider.

And you will not miss the incredible street art whilst in Kelham. Every street has another creative streak, but my favourites include Pete McKee’s Frank The Dog (Burton Street), Pina (Harvest Lane), Phlegm’s Boat at the Riverside Café (Mowbray Street) and Bubba 2000’s Pat Butcher (Green Lane).


Sunday Morning in Sheffield:

And after all of this, I’ve not even mentioned the Peaks! The Peak District is the doorstep to Sheffield and no trip is complete without filling your lungs with the fresh air and feasting your eyes on some of the quite honestly breath-taking views literally a few miles from the city centre.

If you’d like a short (under 60 min) jaunt, then Surprise View near Hathersage is a great place to go for some of the best views in the Peak District. Our personal favourite is Higger Tor because you can park close, it’s easy bouldering for kids and the views are stunning.

And no 48 hours in Sheffield would be complete without mentioning Stanage Edge, world-renowned for rock-climbers with its’ distinct stony wall, but can easily be enjoyed by walkers too.

Longer walks can be enjoyed at Ladybower and Derwent reservoirs, and there are plenty of places you could go for a hearty Sunday lunch in the local area, but our all-time favourite is The Plough at Hathersage.



Phew, and that’s it! My 48 hours in Sheffield! It honestly is a fantastic city and I hope you love it too.

Vicky x

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