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3 Favourite Bradford Walks

By Caroline Towers – 10th February 2020

One of the things I love most about Bradford is you can quickly go from the city centre to out into the countryside. In the last few years, I’ve enjoyed going for walks out and about near where I live. It’s a fun way to explore closer to home, get some steps in and enjoy the fresh air!

I have 3 walks which I enjoying doing, I hope you will enjoy them too!

3 Favourite Bradford Walks

Cullingworth Viaduct

Having lived in the village of Cullingworth for a big part of my life, I loved seeing the Viaduct being brought back to life as part of the Great Northern Trail. This is a walk I still like to do when I visit my mum. I usually walk into the village and start the trail near the school. It then takes you up to the viaduct with some stunning photo opportunities! Once at the top, you could keep doing a loop to Goit Stock but it’s at this point I usually turn back and enjoy the views going down.

Cottingley Woods

In the village of Cottingley, there are the Cottingley Woods which takes you from the top of the village to the folly and you can eventually come out at Wilsden. Much like the Viaduct walk, you could then head to Goit Stock, however, I usually turn around and come back. There is something uplifting about being in nature and this walk always makes me feel good afterwards.

Leeds Liverpool Canal

The Leeds Liverpool Canal goes through a large part of the Bradford District. My favourite part of the canal to walk is Bingley to Saltaire or vice versa. The majority of the path is fine to walk on (just be careful on very wet days with your footwear). There are both the Three and Five Rise Locks along the canal and you might even see a canal boat or two. The nice part about this section of the canal is either at the start or finish (depending which way you go) there are plenty of places for refreshments and you can even stop halfway at the Fishermans Pub, which is lovely outside on a nice day.

Walking is a great way to explore Bradford and get out and about.

Caroline Towers Bradford
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